This glove uses a gyroscope to counter Parkinson’s tremors, and I saw what a big difference it makes


Roberta Wilson-Garrett smiles sweetly at me and explains that the struggle to draw a spiral on a piece of paper begins not with putting pen to paper but simply trying to get a proper grip on the writing implement. Wilson-Garrett has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for half a dozen years, but is happy to show me how she struggles, simply so she can also show me how, with new technology, she does not. 

Wilson-Garrett initially pushed the pen through the paper, and we retrieved a new sheet. The spiral that Wilson-Garrett ultimately, and very slowly, drew is small and ill-formed. She pushed aside that piece of paper and then I watched as Dr. Faii Ong helped her don the Gyro glove, an FDA Class-1-approved device that can potentially counter her tremors. 


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